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2019 – Specific Probiotics for Chronic Kidney Disease: A ReviewVIEW (PDF) 

2018 – Reality of “Enteric Dialysis ®” with Probiotics and Prebiotics to Delay the Need of Conventional Dialysis. VIEW (PDF)

2018 – Probiotic supplements prevented oxonic acid induced hyperuricemia and renal damage. VIEW (PDF)

2017 – Probiotics in Kidney Disease. VIEW (PDF)

2017 – Quality of Life in Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) Patients Using a Synbiotic Dietary Supplement: A Survey. VIEW (PDF)

2015 – Concept and potential of Enteric Dialysis®-Treating the cause not the symptom. VIEW (PDF)

2014 – A Randomized controlled trial of Renadyl™ in Dialysis patients. VIEW (PDF)

2014 – Review of Health status and level of satisfaction of customers with CKD using Renadyl.VIEW (PDF)

2013 – Dose Escalation, Safety, and Impact of Renadyl™_CKD-III-IV_TJU_N&T  VIEW (PDF)

2012 – Probiotics Prebiotics and Synbiotics- Gut and Beyond  VIEW (PDF)

2011 – McCain Azodyl™ study Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 2011  VIEW (PDF)

2010 – Pilot study probiotic dietary supplement CKD AdvTher 2010  VIEW (PDF)

2009 – Can the bowel substitute for the kidney in advanced renal failure  VIEW (PDF)

2009 – Probiotic dietary supplementation st3&4CKD 6mo Canada CurMedResOpin 2009  VIEW (PDF)

2006 – InVitroIntraintestinal bacteriotherapy ASAIO Journal_2006  VIEW (PDF)

2006 – A Preliminary Clinical Evaluation of Kibow® Biotics – Richard Palmquist  DVM (2)  VIEW (PDF)

2005 – Probiotic Amelioration of Azotemia in 5-6th Nephrectomized Sprague-Dawley Rats  DVM (2)  VIEW (PDF)

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Kibow Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a newly created corporation established in Oct 01 2019. Wholly owned subsidiary of Kibow Biotech Inc.

Company’s vision and mission is to develop Live Biotherapeutic drug for all stages of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

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